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From anonymous course evaluations and unsolicited

thank-you notes teaching at the Johns Hopkins University.

" I have taken many, many courses at this university. Not all of them combined have even come close to affecting my life as much as the courses I took in Buddhism and Chinese Thought. Not even close. Is this a coincidence? Of course not. What it tells me, is that I have been lead down a stray path for most of my life - shown the wrong doors and told the wrong things. Seeing the slightest glimpse of what it really is to learn, what it really is to know, is amazing. It is this which needs to be advanced and cultivated in America... This is truly amazing stuff, and I view this as only the beginning of a lifetime of learning and exploring. "

" This class has taught me so much. It has honestly been the single most interesting and meaningful class I’ve ever taken... I have never heard such true and beautiful things, and in a college classroom of all places. This course has been, and will be, very helpful to me in all areas of my life. Thank you... I could make what I have learned in this class a lifetime’s work. It now seems to me that this material is so important, that that amount of work is really required, and I look forward to it. "

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