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" The Mind Experiment explained what Buddhism is actually about. Reading it clarified important Buddhist concepts that are neglected in modern books about Buddhism. It lucidly describes the essence of all Buddhism, old and new.  Books such as Suzuki’s... do not suffice for the novice and do not successfully convey the meaning of Buddhism. These books are very incomplete...  Instead of being a book giving the reader evasive or obscure explanations of Buddhist teachings, it is a book that truly and openly shows the reader not only what truths are to be seen, but how to see them as well!  For the beginner, I feel that this book is the best introduction to Buddhism; for Buddhism is not an esoteric message that can only be understood and taught by Easterners, but is instead a message for all. "



" The Mind Experiment is truly a magnificent work, as it is easily understandable for a person with no prior experience with Buddhism, yet so profound as to be of great use to those who have interest in Buddhism. The book covers an immense amount of material, from the history of the Buddha to Mahayana Buddhism, to the intricacies of the cosmos, and it pulls in quotes from excellent sources such as ancient Greek and Chinese philosophers, Christian mystics, American sages, modern scientists, and of course, many of the Buddhist sutras. What sets this book apart from others in Buddhism is that, even though it covers Buddhism’s ‘mysteries’ and a large amount of material, it is written in a very accessible way. I believe this book will revolutionize Buddhism in America and around the world. "


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